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Course:      ASA 104 Chesapeake Bay Intermediate Coastal Cruise
Date:          June 15-19, 2002
Vessel:       IP40 ENCHANTMENT
Students:    Bob Barry, Rich & Iris Steyert
Captain:     Eric Petterson

6/14/02, Friday
This intermediate coastal training cruise (ASA104) went from Norfolk, VA to Rock Hall, MD a distance of 140 nautical miles. The first student, Bob Barry arrived around noon, and the others, Rich Steyert and Iris Steyert, arrived later in the afternoon. The time was spent getting to know one another, unpacking, and doing a deck walk-through of the running rigging and deck hardware. After dinner ashore with Tom Tursi, we retired to ENCHANTMENT.

6/15/02, Saturday
In the morning a thorough boat check was conducted with the students inspecting all lockers vs. the ship's inventory. Iris and I then went to the grocery store for food provisions for the cruise. Prior to departing we held a briefing on the boat systems, including electronics, batteries, and the engine. Also reviewed logbook and watch procedures, which were on one hour schedules. Reviewed my directions on navigation, namely that GPS waypoints were not permitted since we would be plotting our positions using manual piloting techniques employing course steered and distance traveled, aides to navigation and LOP fixes. The navigator of the day also did a review of the day's routes and destination. After lunch at the marina, we departed for the cruise north at 1310. Sails were set after exiting Little Creek and we had a pleasant sail to Chisman Creek off the Poquoson River and dropped anchor at 1830. Rich was on the helm for anchoring.

6/16/02, Monday
Picked up anchor at 0815 and left Chisman Creek; Iris was on the helm for raising anchor. The navigator for the day was Rich, who directed us out to the channel where we raised sails. Winds were 10-15 from the SW, which held all day and the sailing was great! Underway we did knot tying exercises, and review other seamanship topics including proper winch usage and Man Overboard (MOB) procedures. Took several visual compass bearings for LOP fixes while underway. Arrived in Great Wicomico River to anchor around 1800 and dropped anchor past Sandy Point. Had to move the anchor after the first drop due to shallow water. Dropped again but the anchor dragged on first attempt at setting; second attempt was successful. Bob was on the helm for anchoring. Some confusion had ensued due to poor visual signals, but overall it was a good anchoring lesson for the crew.

6/17/02, Tuesday
Again picked up anchor at 0815, this time with Rich on the helm. Iris was the day's navigator. Wind was initially around 10 from the north, but dropped quickly to 5 then 2 or less. Bay became glassy. We did MOB under power maneuvers with Williamson and racetrack turns. Discussed in more details the options in MOB maneuvers (quick stop, sailing back, powering back, and lifesling). Some did more knot tying exercises. Arrived at Solomons Island on the Patuxent River and Bob called Zahniser's Marina on VHF to obtain a slip assignment. Rich then took the helm for the approach to the T-dock where we moored for the night. The crew tied the boat securely using proper breast and spring lines and good cleat hitches. Showers on shore were enjoyed by all and we explored Solomons and ate dinner ashore.

6/18/02, Wednesday
Once again took off at 0815, but this time only a short trip to the pump-out dock. Due to location and wind, we warped the boat off the dock using a stern line with Bob on the helm. Rich called the dockmaster on the VHF, then Bob drove us to the landing on the pump-out dock. The
navigator was Bob again. After leaving Solomons, actually sailed for about 45 minutes before the wind died. Then we motored all day until around 1500 when the wind began to fill in and we sailed again for a short while. While underway, students took their written tests, 104
for Rich and Bob, 101 for Iris (she was already certified at 101 by US Sailing). Also while motoring, we rigged jacklines and got out my harness for all to try. Arrived at Annapolis and Iris made the radio call to the Annapolis Harbormaster only to find that all moorings and slips were
taken. After much discussion we motored around to Weems Creek for the night. Unfortunately this location ruled out dinner on shore, but we had sufficient food for another meal on the boat.

6/19/02, Thursday
Left Weems Creek at 0755. After exiting Annapolis Harbor, set sails and sailed towards Rock Hall in a 5 to 10 knots northerly breeze, tacking back and forth across the bay. As severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for the bay, we doused the sails and motored to Rock Hall to
finalize our docking and MOB maneuvers. Iris took her ASA103 test while underway. Stopped off at Haven Harbor for fuel and pump-out, Rich took the boat to the Haven Harbor dock and Bob took the helm for the entry to the Spring Cove dock. Were tied up at home our slip at 1445.

Captain Eric Petterson
Spring Cove Marina, Rock Hall, MD
June 19, 2002

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