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Course Advanced Coastal Cruising; DELMARVA Circumnavigation
Date July 19-26, 2002
Students: Richard Myers, Dominic Maxwell, John “Pat” Finn & Sean Finn
Captain: Joe Kliment

July 19, Friday
The crew boarded HALIMEDA in the morning and we began to acquaint ourselves with the ship and each other, discussing the intended course and assigning specific responsibilities.  We planned the cruise menu, then purchased and stowed the provisions. Relaxing over dinner at Pruitt’s was a great way to end a busy day. It was evident that these students were going to gel into a unique team of outstanding sailors!

July 20, Saturday
After the students checked boat systems, Sean took the helm and we motored out of Swan Creek to the channel and headed North up the Chesapeake Bay. The students changed control of the helm hourly, experiencing large vessel traffic as we motor sailed in light winds to the C&D Canal at the north end of the Bay. Pat did a fine job bringing us in to the fuel dock at Summit North Marina where we fueled up and pumped out; he then skillfully moved HALIMEDA into a slip for the night. We ate a leisurely dinner at Captain’s Cove Restaurant, but were disappointed to find that we missed an anticipated swim, since the pool closed at 8.  

June 21, Sunday
We left Summit North Marina early to transit the canal with a favorable current, motoring toward the Delaware River. We motor sailed down Delaware River with light winds but favorable current. With the wind on the nose, we continued to motor sail down the Delaware Bay, anchoring at the Lewes breakwater, where we paused to cook & eat dinner. After that, we hoisted anchor & entered the Atlantic Ocean so that the crew would gain night transit experience. The students stood a 4 hour watch in pairs, with frequent guidance from the Captain. We tacked our way South through the night in light seas, with the wind on the nose.

July 22, Monday
Calm seas and light winds again forced continued motor sailing toward Cape Henry. The weather was good and the trip pleasant, as we observed large sea turtles, coastal traffic and fisherman. Our ocean navigation was very important at this point in order to make a successful landfall and safely enter the Chesapeake Bay, and each student utilized and improved their navigation skills.  The Captain demonstrated the basics of celestial navigation by shooting and plotting a sun fix.

July 23, Tuesday
We entered the Chesapeake Bay at Cape Henry with wind on the nose. Our navigator Rich had successfully directed us into the southern channel to Little Creek, VA. But alas, a mechanical problem caused Dominic to lose steerage before arriving at Taylor’s Bridge Marina. We found ourselves aground within sight of the dock! The mechanical problem was resolved with lots of sweat and effort by the Captain and crew with assistance from the marina personnel. The crew was able to go ashore for showers & provisions in the dink provided by the Marina. HALIMEDA was repaired in time to float free with the rising tide and Dominic was finally able to bring us in to the dock at Taylor’s Landing Marina. We quickly resumed our trip north, dining while in transit and continuing to sail through the night, making up for lost time and gaining more night transit experience.

July 24, Wednesday
Weathering fog and thunderstorms in the early hours, our navigators used dead reckoning & compass bearings to maintain our course. We practiced man overboard and points of sail under varying weather conditions. Sean skillfully brought us into the slip at Spring Cove Marina, Solomon’s Island.  After a swim in the pool, we dined onboard and were happy to help Pat celebrate a milestone birthday.

July 25, Thursday
We left Spring Cove very early, heading for Annapolis. After an exhilarating day of sailing in 25 knot east winds, we arrived in Annapolis about 3 pm. Rich docked HALIMEDA on “Ego Alley" with perfection, drawing compliments from nearby observers. Pat and Rich took their ASA exams and we all enjoyed a great meal at Pusser’s Restaurant. Rain could not dampen our shore leave as we enjoyed the sights and attractions of Annapolis!

July 26, Friday
Dominic pulled away from the Annapolis dock after breakfast and we headed up the Bay toward Swan Creek. Although the students experienced more fog and wet weather, this crew had fused into a fine team that would be a joy to sail with again. We fueled up and pumped out at Gratitude Marina. Sean docked expertly at Spring Cove at 1 pm, completing our 400 mile circumnavigation safely. We all cleaned up HALIMEDA, then Pat and Rich received their ASA certificates while Dominic and Sean successfully took their ASA tests. As we parted, each of us was psyched and ready to go again!

Captain Joe Kliment
Rock Hall, MD
July 28, 2002

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