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Course Advanced Coastal Cruising; DELMARVA Circumnavigation
Date July 18-25, 2003
Students: Alistair Gillanders, Haley Gordon, Tom Penders,  Bill Reed & John Wall
Captain: Joe Kliment

July 18, Friday
The crew boarded HALIMEDA and began to acquaint ourselves with the ship and each other, discussing the intended course and assigning specific responsibilities.  We planned the cruise menu, inventoried the galley supplies, then purchased and stowed provisions. Bill had taken the ASA 105 test on Thursday and was happy to learn that he passed. We went for dinner and turned in early to prepare for an early start tomorrow.

 July 19, Saturday
After the students checked boat systems, they selected partners for the watch schedule that changed control of the helm every 4 hours. Bill took the helm first as we motored out of Swan Creek to the channel and headed north up the Chesapeake Bay. Our sailors experienced large vessel traffic as we motor sailed in light winds to the C&D Canal at the north end of the Bay. As navigator for the day, Bill practiced fixes and determined the tidal current in the C&D Canal. Alistair brought HALIMEDA to the dock in Summit North Marina & we enjoyed refreshments on the patio of Captainís Cove Restaurant and a fine meal ashore.

June 20, Sunday
John, our engineer for the day, checked the boat systems, while Alistair, our navigator for the day, checked the weather and plotted our course. We left Summit North Marina early to transit the canal with the current, motoring toward the Delaware River. We motor sailed down Delaware River with wind on the nose. Alistair checked current and weather along the way, taking several fixes. We calculated speed by buoy fixes and GPS. With the wind on the nose, we continued motor sailing down the Delaware Bay. We sailed from Cape Henlopen to approximately 30 miles offshore, but wind on the nose kept us from making much headway through the night, so we were forced to motor sail directly south toward our destination. Tom cooked an excellent dinner of marinated chicken which we ate in route as our crew gained night transit experience in the Atlantic.

July 21, Monday
Haley navigated today, plotting our course toward Cape Henry. Our progress was hindered by 15 to 20 knot south winds on the nose and 10 to 12 foot seas on the nose, forcing continued motor sailing with a reefed main. The weather was clear but the rough seas caused some motion sickness with the crew. The students used dead reckoning to navigate while in the Ocean.  Each student utilized and improved their navigation skills.  Capt Joe cooked a hamburger dinner.

July 22, Tuesday
As we entered the Chesapeake Bay at Cape Henry, our navigator Tom successfully directed us into the southern channel to Little Creek, VA. After we filled our water tanks, refueled, and pumped out sewage at Taylorís Landing Marina, Bill expertly parked HALIMEDA in the slip for the night. The crew went ashore for a swim, shower, and we enjoyed a good meal there.

July 23, Wednesday
Navigator John plotted our course and checked the weather while engineer Haley checked the ships systems. We sailed up the Chesapeake Bay under a broad reach, continuing through the night, headed for Annapolis. We encountered several rain squalls through the night, but no heavy winds. A frontal system caused the wind to shift west allowing for a welcome beam reach. John cooked a hearty pasta meal for dinner.

July 24, Thursday
Navigator Bill and engineer Tom kept things in order, while light winds forced motor sailing to the Annapolis City dock where John skillfully parked HALIMEDA on ďEgo Alley".  Both Tom & Bill took the ASA 106 test here and passed! We ate a nice dinner at Samís to celebrate their success. 

July 25, Friday
Navigator Alistair plotted the final leg of the course to Rock Hall, while John checked ships systems. The weather was beautiful, but wind was again on the nose, as we passed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. On arriving at Gratitude Marina, we fueled up and pumped out. Alistair expertly docked at Spring Cove, even though low tide caused some bottom scraping, thus completing our 400 mile circumnavigation safely. We all cleaned HALIMEDA, Tom and Bill received their ASA certificates, and we parted company, having quite an exciting adventure behind us.

Captain Joe Kliment
Rock Hall, MD
July 26, 2003

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