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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: June 28-July 4, 2006
Vessel: IP-32 MOXIE
Students: Mary Lihou, Mike Robinson,  Melanie Vaughan
Captain: Eric Petterson

June 27, 2006 - Tuesday
Students arrived to board MOXIE at Lankford Bay Marina.  Mike Robinson and Mary Lihou arrived early at 1430 to take their ASA 101 challenge tests.  Both passed with no difficulty! After dinner at Waterman's Restaurant we returned to the boat and were there to meet  at 2230 when she arrived.  Then we discussed our plans for the next day, put together our week's menu and shopping list, planned our general itinerary for the week, and settled in for a good night's sleep. 

June 28, 2006 - Wednesday
Everyone awoke early this morning for a full day's activity.  Breakfast was at the Rock Hall Snack Bar followed by provisioning at Bayside Foods.  We then returned to the boat and stowed everything away.  Next we reviewed course objectives, discussed the week's upcoming activities, walked through boat systems, and reviewed docking maneuver techniques.  After completing these activities we left the slip at 1430 and spent the afternoon doing standing turns and docking.  We practiced entering a slip and pulling alongside a face dock.  Finally we motored (with no wind) a short distance to the Corsica River to anchor for the night, with anchor set at 1830.  For the evening we celebrated Mike's birthday with cake and candles smuggled aboard the boat by Mary. 

June 29, 2006 - Thursday
Picked up anchor at 0720, with light to non-existent winds.  We motored out of the Chester River, into the Bay and through the Bay Bridge before we finally found some wind.  At this point we set sail and spent about 3 hours sailing on various points of sail off the entrance to the Severn River in winds of 5-10, and getting everyone some good practice on rules of the road. Finally we headed into Annapolis and picked up a mooring, arriving at 1550.  Dinner ashore at McGarvey's. 


June 30, 2006 - Friday
First thing in the morning the students took their ASA 103 tests and all successfully passed.  At 1145 we dropped off the mooring and motored over the Annapolis City Marina dock for a pump-out.  We then left the harbor and set sail in winds of 5-10 from the NW, providing for a slow buy pleasant sail to the Rhode River.  Underway we set the preventer on the mainsail and practiced MOB and heave-to.  Arriving at the Rhode River, we anchored for the night at 1800. 

July 1, 2006 - Saturday
We began the day by reviewing key ASA 104 study material.  Afterwards we picked up anchor at 1030 and left the anchorage, setting sail in winds of 10 from the south.  As the wind built to 15, we had a truly delightful close-haul sail down the bay, requiring only two tacks and providing many useful navigational and rules-of-the-road exercises.  Mary had previously made marina reservations at Tilghman Island Marina and obtained local knowledge from the marina regarding the entrance to Knapps Narrows channel.  This local knowledge was very helpful to our arrival, and we were safely in our slip at 1530.  Dinner ashore at Harrison's. 

July 2, 2006 - Sunday
Pulled out of the slip at 0815 to pull up to the pump-out dock.  At 0900 we left the marina, setting sail in SW winds of 15 which soon dropped to 5-8 before clocking to the west and picking back up to 15.  These winds provided for yet another day of very nice sailing.  For the night we anchored in Tilghman Creek off the Miles River, settling in for the afternoon of 104 studying at 1430.  We also were entertained by the approaching thunderstorms, which passed by giving us a brief taste of gusty winds and lots of thunder and lightning.  

July 3, 2006 - Monday
The day was begun by taking ASA 104 tests, and once again all students passed with no difficulty.  We then picked up anchor at 1030 and motored to St. Michaels with no wind.  After pumping out, we arrived at the dock at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum dock at 1300.  Students celebrated their successful test results by spending the afternoon shopping, visiting the museum, and enjoying a traditional Chesapeake Bay dinner at the Crab Claw restaurant. 

July 4, 2006 - Tuesday
Left the dock at 0830, aiming to time our passage through Kent Narrows near high tide.  Melanie had previously obtained local knowledge through Tow Boat US, which was very helpful as they always provide.  Winds were SW at 5-10.  We passed through the drawbridge and into the Chester River for some pleasant sailing and more MOB/heave-to exercises.  We arrived in Langford Creek and anchored off Cacaway Island at 1430, but with thunderstorms in the forecast, left again at 1530 after being unsuccessful at getting a proper anchor set.  We motored about 2 miles further up the creek and re-anchored at a beautiful, well-protected spot for the night.  We were then visited by a huge thunderstorm and torrential rain, but we were content and able to enjoy the spectacle with the confidence that a safe and secure anchorage provides.  At night fall we were able to enjoy the fireworks of Chestertown (5 miles to the northeast) which were clearly visible over the trees in the clear air behind the storm. 

July 5, 2006 - Wednesday
In the morning we practiced with the dinghy, before raising anchor at 0930 to motor back to Lankford Bay Marina.  At the marina we had more docking practice for everyone, as well as actual docking for a final pump-out and a visit to the fuel dock.  We arrived in our slip safely at 1230 just ahead of yet another thunderstorm, and completing a voyage of 134 nautical miles for the week.  

Captain Eric Petterson
Aboard S/V MOXIE
Rock Hall, MD
July 5, 2006

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