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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: July 26-August 3, 2006
Vessel: IP-32 MOXIE
Students: Val Ellicott, David Somerville, Tim Steinke
Captain: Eric Petterson

July 26, 2006 - Wednesday
Captain Eric Petterson arrived to board
MOXIE at 1400 and prepared for the upcoming class.  At 1500 the first student, Val Ellicott arrived to stow his gear and take his ASA 101 challenge test, which he passed easily.  The next student, David Somerville, arrived at around 1600.  After stowing his gear and getting to know one another, we left for dinner at Waterman's Restaurant.  Upon returning from dinner, we found the third and last student, Tim Steinke had arrived.  We spent the rest of the evening planning menus, discussing various route possibilities, and reviewing navigational planning techniques to be used.

July 27, 2006 - Thursday
The day started with an early breakfast at the Rock Hall Snack Bar, followed by our shopping for provisions and returning to the boat.  After the stowage of these purchases was complete we conducted a thorough review of the boat systems from stem to stern.  Finally at 1430 we left the slip to conduct docking and maneuvering exercises at Lankford Bay Marina before motoring a couple of miles up the East Fork of Langford Creek to a picturesque location for our first night at anchor.  Dinner was grilled Rockfish prepared by Tim Steinke.   

000_0331.JPG (270703 bytes)

July 28, 2006 - Friday
At 0720 we picked up anchor and motored out into the Chester River.  Here we set sail in a breeze of SW 5-10, providing for some pleasant close-haul sailing down the river and a demanding navigational assignment to determine the timing of our many tacks.  Fixes were determined using LOPs and dead reckoning.  Eventually the winds built to 10-15 and finally to nearly 20 knots as we entered the bay.  This gave us the opportunity to reef the main and have an exhilarating sail through the eastern channel of the bay bridge.  We arrived on our mooring in the Annapolis harbor at 1545 and had  dinner at McGarvey's to celebrate a successful day of sailing.  The weather forecast for Monday onward was for very high temperatures, so we decided to anchor out the next two nights (Saturday & Sunday) while the weather was not at its hottest.   

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July 29, 2006 - Saturday
At 0720 (same as Friday) we cast off our mooring and left Annapolis. We set sail in SW 5-8 on a close-hauled course most of the way to Knapps Narrows before the winds and boat speed dropped.  We entered the thin water of Knapps Narrows, using the local knowledge to find the best water depth, which had been obtained from the cruising guide and the captain's prior experience.  Hailing the drawbridge on VHF produced a quick and courteous lift to allow our passage through the narrows and out into Harris Creek.  We arrived at Dunn Cove and were safely at anchor at 1205.  The afternoon was spent reviewing various ASA 103 subject matter in preparation for the test, as well as spending considerable time practicing knots and their uses.  Dinner this night was Italian sausage and peppers prepared by David Somerville. 

100_0183.JPG (194593 bytes) 100_0184.JPG (124400 bytes)

July 30, 2006 - Sunday
Anchor raising took place yet again at 0720!  We motored back through Knapps Narrows and set sail in NW 5-10, again providing for close-haul sailing until we turned into the Eastern Bay with the winds on our beam. With favorable winds we were able to sail about half way up the bay until the winds became very light and we reluctantly cranked up the motor.  We reached our final destination of Dividing Creek off the Wye River and were anchored at 1500.  We reviewed more ASA 103 material and the students studied as much as the heat would allow, knowing that tomorrow night we would be plugged into the marina with our air conditioning operating!  Dinner this evening was spaghetti and meat sauce, prepared by Val Ellicott. 

July 31, 2006 - Monday
As everyone was awake quite early we picked up anchor at 0630 and motored the short distance of 9 nm to St. Michael's in absolutely still air. Arriving at St. Michael's we filled the tank with diesel and pumped out the holding tank before heading to our slip, providing good practical docking experiences.  At 0945 we were in our slip at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.  After showers and lunch the students took their ASa 103 tests and all passed.  Dinner this evening was at the Carpenter Street Saloon.  

August 1, 2006 - Tuesday
The plan for the day was to leave the slip and conduct MOB exercises, but due to the continuing extreme heat index approaching 110 and very light air, this plan was eliminated at the student's request and the captain agreed.  However the day was used very productively with an extensive review of ASA 104 information, an in-depth review of engine systems, and individual student study time.  Dinner was at the Crab Claw Restaurant. 

August 2, 2006 - Wednesday
At 0825 we pulled out of our slip, cleared the St. Michael's harbor, and set sail in NW 5-8 on our way to Kent Narrows.  We timed our passage to coincide with high tide, arriving at the drawbridge for the 1130 opening.  Once out into the Chester River we again set sails and were able to practice preventer usage, wing-on-wing sailing, and MOB maneuvers.  As the wind continued to decline we finally motored the remaining distance to Lankford Bay Marina.  Before pulling into our slip we were able to conduct more docking practice and complete a final pump-out of the holding tank.  With a flawless final docking maneuver we were safely in our slip at 1600.  After dinner at Ford's Restaurant, the evening was spent studying and answering student questions. 

!cid_774235320@07082006-2408.jpg (79719 bytes)

August 3, 2006 - Thursday
Breakfast this morning was on the boat, after which students took their ASA 104 tests and all successfully passed!  In spite of the heat and light air, this was a very successful week of sailing.  We managed to sail extensively on four days and all three students were able to pass all of their certifications.  Total mileage covered for the week was 128 nm.

Captain Eric Petterson
Aboard S/V MOXIE
Rock Hall, MD
August 3, 2006

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