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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: April 21-28, 2007
Vessel: IP-32 MOXIE
Students: Rick & Ann Miller, DJ Miller, Pete Henry
Captain: Eric Petterson

April 21, Saturday: At 1000 Captain Eric Petterson boarded IP-32 MOXIE, which was in the midst of final preparations for the first class of the season at Lankford Bay Marina. He stowed his personal gear, completed a review of the ship's equipment, and noted that Engine hours were 1712 hours and distance log was 7831 NM. At 1530 the students arrived; they were Rick and Ann Miller, son DJ and Pete Henry. All except DJ were past 101 students of the Maryland School. After stowing their gear a discussion was held regarding class objectives along with a tentative cruise itinerary for the week. A menu plan for the week was setup and a shopping list written. Dinner was at "Waterman's Restaurant". 

April 22, Sunday: The day was started with a traditional Rock Hall breakfast at the Rock Hall Snack Bar, followed by shopping for provisions at Bayside Foods. After returning to the boat and stowing the provisions, a stem-to-stern inspection of boat systems, lockers and rigging was conducted. Then a review of docking and maneuvering procedures was discussed including standing turns, backing into a slip and approaching a face dock. Lessons were also held on anchoring techniques and navigation techniques, including plotting a course to our anchorage for the night. Finally, we departed the slip at 1400 and began maneuvering under power and docking exercises. With time out to clean the knotmeter we completed our anchoring in the East Fork of Langford Creek at 1745.  Ann completed the navigation for tomorrow's passage to Annapolis. 

April 23, Monday: Raised anchor at 0730 and motored down Langford Creek. Set Sail in the Chester River at 0900 in winds from SW at 5-10 knots. Sailed on all points of sail including wing-on-wing on our way down the Chester River and out to the bay. Winds increased to 10-15 knots as we entered the Chesapeake Bay and we headed south toward Annapolis and sailed close-hauled under the Bay Bridge with DJ on the helm, arriving at Annapolis City Dock at 1515.  After dinner at Galway Bay, Rick planned the navigation for tomorrow to the Rhode River. 

April 24, Tuesday: Held an ASA101 and 103 textbook instruction sesssion, then reviewed MOB procedures and discussed dock departure. Pulled away from the dock at 1030 and motored the short distance to Annapolis City Marina for a pump-out and another docking experience. Set sail in west winds of 10-15. Held quick-stop MOB maneuvers on the way to the Rhode River, and put the anchor down and set at 1500. Pete planned the next day's navigation to the Wye River, and the students spent the rest of the afternoon studying. Dinner was onboard at anchor. 

April 25, Wednesday: Raised anchor at 0710 and motored to Hartge Yacht Yard in the West River for a pump-out. Then set sail for Dividing Creek in the Wye River in winds of NE 8-10 knots. Sailed across the Chesapeake and tacked up the Eastern Bay to about 2 NM from the junction with the Wye when the winds died. Then motored on to our anchorage, arriving at 1510. Students studied again and DJ prepared the navigation to St. Michaels with Ann's help. 

April 26, Thursday: Awoke to the calls of wild turkeys and a light drizzle. Pete, Rick and Ann took their ASA103 tests and all passed. Anchor up at 0930. Motored out the Wye River in winds of E 5-8 knots, which built to 10-12 as we approached St. Michaels. At St. Michaels Marina we filled with diesel and pumped-out again, then headed to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum docks for the evening, arriving at 1345. After a tour of the museum, dinner was at the Crab Claw Restaurant.  Students together planned navigation to the Corsica River through Kent Narrows, planning the trip to pass through the narrows just before high tide.   

April 27, Friday: Awoke to calm wind and fog with visibility between 0.5 to 1.0 nm. Left the slip at 0900 motoring slowly. As we approached Kent Narrows the fog began to clear and we arrived at the narrows two hours ahead of high tide, exactly as planned. Radioed to the drawbridge and passed uneventfully through the narrows and out into the Chester River.

Anchor was down at 1420 in the Corsica River after a careful anchorage location was found to provide protection from the forecast overnight west winds of 15-25 with thunderstorms. DJ took his ASA101 test and passed while Pete, Rick and Ann studied for their 104 tests, which they planned to take in the morning. Pete prepared the navigation for the trip back to Lankford Bay. 

April 28, Saturday: Awoke to light winds, but with a forecast of 20 knot winds for the afternoon and more thunderstorms. After breakfast we decided, based on the weather forecast, to head back to Lankford Bay Marina and take tests there. Arrived at Lankford Bay Marina pump-out dock, then fuel dock for diesel, then to MOXIE's slip at 1100. Calculated fuel consumption at 0.5 gph. After lunch, Pete, Ann and Rick took their ASA104 tests and all passed. The rest of the afternoon was spent packing, cleaning the boat and cleaning ourselves. Dinner was again at Waterman's to celebrate the end of a great week.

Captain Eric Petterson
aboard IP-32 MOXIE
Lankford Bay Marina
April 28, 2007

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