2008 Chesapeake Bay Cruise

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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: June 21-25, 2008
Vessel: IP-32 ACADAME
Students: Brian Connel, Douglas Campbell, Rita Hanson
Captain: Steve Runals

June 21
The whole crew arrived yesterday.  After a breakfast in Rock Hall, two crewmembers picked up provisions that had been agreed upon.  Once provisions were stowed away, we reviewed course requirements, safety, navigation, and boat layout.  Had lunch and then reviewed the rules of the road, power maneuvering, and our cruise plan.  At 1430, departed the slip and practiced docking and picked up a mooring while towing a dinghy.  Enroute to anchorage in Corsica River we reviewed tacking, sail trim, rules of road, heaving to and reefing.  Anchored just beyond red buoy 4. 

June 22
At 0845 we weighed anchor, and the whole crew was well rested, fed, and enthusiastic as we departed the Corsica River.  With light winds we sailed down the Chester River and passed through Kent Narrows with the current.  There were light winds in Eastern Bay but they built to 10-12 knots for a couple of hours during the day and we were able to sail and practice man overboard recovery.  Took two-bearing fixes and compared them with the GPS.  Went into St. Michaels Marina; took showers and went to dinner at Crab Claw.  Walked around town and then returned to the boat for a game of Pig.  

June 23
Departed St. Michaelís after pump out, filling water tank and getting additional drinking water and ice.  There were light winds until Tilghman Point then we had a fine close reach down Eastern Bay to entrance to Poplar Island Narrows.  Again there were only light winds, so we motored down to Knapps Narrows.  Took visual bearing fixes by compass and compared with GPS position; all were within 0.2 nm.  Severe thunderstorms were forecast in the early evening.  Went through the Narrows and to an anchorage at Dunn Cove off Harris Creek; several other boats were at anchor there.  All crewmembers did a good job navigating and setting anchor.  After review of the course material, the students took their ASA104 tests; all passed.  A weather front passed in late afternoon with high winds and lightning and, at times, heavy rain; all was well.  After dinner of Dinty Moore stew, we played Pig again.  

June 24
After a light breakfast we weighed anchor and got underway.  Winds of 10-15 knots were forecast from the northwest.  After passing through Knappís Bay, which was showing white caps, we had good sailing on a close hauled course with wind ranging between 8 and 22 knots throughout the day; reefed and unreefed several times.  Practiced navigation and it took several fixes to confirm our position.  Practiced gybing and heaving to.  Encountered lots of power boats and sailboats, so we used rules of the road frequently and dodged a tug and barge.  Into Annapolis Harbor we went, and picked up a mooring on first attempt.  After the showers ashore we reviewed the test and everyone passed.  We had dinner at Pussers to celebrate.  We used the dinghy for both trips ashore.  It was a quiet night to prepare for early departure. 

June 25
Departed anchorage at 0645 with light winds.  Contacted a tug by VHF to confirm intentions and safe passage.  Practiced gybing to catch up with replica sailboat and Saltanta from Chestertown.  We were back to Lankford Bay Marina by midafternoon.  Pumped out, refueled, and docked with no problem. 

Captain Steve Runals
Aboard IP-32 ACADAME

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