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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this feedback from Olivia Biban who took our ASA103 Intermediate Cruising Class in June 2017


The location for this ASA103 class was ideal - we sailed around the Chester River and Langford Creek, in a fairly protected area. Even though for the most part the weather was less than ideal, we managed to sail every single day.  Our class had 3 students and 1 instructor, which was a great ratio as each one of us got the chance to practice all the skills taught multiple times. The boat was in excellent condition - the engine had just been completely replaced and aside for a leaky stuffing box which was addressed promptly, we had absolutely no issues.

We absolutely loved Captain Riley's teaching style! He was laid back (great for a beginner coastal cruising class), patient in teaching new skills and our practice of said skills, extremely knowledgeable in all things cruising and sailboat related, and to top it off, he had many sailing stories we loved hearing. This made our 103 class very educational and enjoyable at the same time.

Rita was extremely helpful in providing information, coordinating our arrival and stay throughout the class, and answering all our questions in a very short time. The marina office and school office staff were also very accommodating and helpful with getting supplies for the boat and directing us to find our way at the marina.

Scholarship was one of the cleanest and well maintained sailboats I have been on. The boat was thoroughly cleaned prior to our arrival, and everything was organized and stowed in its proper location. The boat was even very well centered in the slip when we arrived, as well as having all the lines either flemished or neatly stowed. The power cable was carefully laid in between the dock boards so that there was no danger of tripping on it, and was securely wrapped around a stanchion to prevent it from pulling out of the connection on board.  Everything was ship shape and Bristol fashion and we were thoroughly impressed!

Thank you for an excellent and also enjoyable experience! We are much more confident in our ability to sail, cruise, and manage things on a sailboat after this class, and the skills we learnt here - not only the practical, but also the positive attitude, problem-solving and decision-making skills, will (hopefully) stay with us throughout our sailing career and make us better sailors.


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