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Publications Home Study Shipping

Publications Index ~ 
Descriptions of these publications
# Item price Description
01 Book 20.00 Introduction to Sailing 
1 Book 30.00 Basic Keelboat Sailing Training Plan (ASA101)
2  Book 20.00

ASA Logbook

3  Book 30.00 ASA Sailing Made Easy
4  Book


Federal Requirements for Recreational     Boaters Download PDF

5 Book 30.00 Advanced Keelboat Sailing Training Plan (ASA103)
6 Book 35.00 ASA's Coastal Cruising Made Easy
7  Book 10.00

USCG Nav Rules Inland-International

8 Book 15.00 Docking Techniques for Single Engine Boats  
9  Book 35.00

Chesapeake Bay Basic Coastal Cruise Training Plan (ASA104)

10  Book 45.00

ASA Bareboat Cruising Made Easy

13a Appendix - Complete Appendix file from Coastal Navigation & Piloting book #14. Download PDF
13b Plotting Sheet - Small plotting sheet for homework questions in book #14. Download PDF
13c Plotting Tools - Description of recommended navigation plotting tools. Download PDF
14 2 Book Set 80.00 ASA Coastal Navigation & Piloting text and Solutions to Coastal Navigation Questions  text, October 15, 2023 editions by Tom Tursi
14a Errata & Links - Errata & Links for books #14
Download PDF
14b Booklet - IHO Attributes Definitions for ENC
Download PDF
14c Booklet - IHO Object Definitions for ENC
Download PDF
15a Booklet - Practice Plotting (This and #15b below replace Chapter 13 in earlier editions of book #14)
Download PDF
15b Booklet - Solutions to Practice Plotting
Download PDF
15c Form - Compass Calibration Calculation by Sun Form
Download PDF
17 Book 20.00

NOAA Chart #1 Symbols

18 Set of 2 
DVD videos
85.00 Coastal Navigation Class Lectures
Chapters 1 to 7
18a Errata - Errata  corrections for Lectures DVD #18 Download PDF
19 Book 20.00

Offshore Training Cruises Preparation Guide

20 Book 35.00 DELMARVA Circumnavigation Advanced Coastal Training Cruise; Training Plan
20b Errata - Errata corrections for book #20
Download PDF
20c Booklet - DELMARVA Preparation Guidelines
Download PDF
21  2 Book Set 50.00

Celestial Navigation for Sailors  and Solutions to Celestial Navigation Questions by Tom Tursi

21b Chartlet - Celestial Homework Plotting Sheets for books #21; September 2019 Edition
Download PDF
23 Instrument 70.00

Star Finder Circular Slide Rule

26 Book - HO229 Vol 3- Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation, Latitudes 30-45 Degrees for use during CEL exam.
Download PDF File
27 Booklet - Celestial Navigation Almanac extracts for use during CEL exam 
Download PDF
28 Booklet - Celestial Navigation Increments & Corrections for use during CEL exam
Download PDF
29 Booklet - CEL Class Supplemental Images
Download PDF
31  Booklet -

Island Packet 32 System Drawings 
Download PDF

32  Book 12.00

FMI Marine Weather

33 Booklet - CELESTIAL IP440 System Drawings
Download PDF
34 Booklet - CELESTIAL IP440 Operational Procedures (v13) Download PDF
35 List - CELESTIAL IP440 Inspection Checklist (v2) Download PDF
36 Booklet NAVIGATOR IP40 System Drawings Download PDF
40 Outline - Docking Course Two Day Outline
Download PDF
51 Article - ASA Article- Featured Training Facility
Download PDF
52 Article - BWS Article- Preventing An Accidental Gybe
Download PDF
53 Article - BWS Article- Steering For Speed
Download PDF
54 Article - BWS Article- Sea Anchor Rigging
Download PDF
55 Outline - Offshore Preparation Checklists
Download PDF
56 Report - 2005 Crew Overboard Rescue Symposium Final Report by John Rousmanier
Download PDF
57 Video - Overboard Prevention & Recovery Seminar Video by Tom Tursi. Link to You Tube Video
58 Article - Cruising World Article- Tiller Helper 1982 Download PDF
59 Report - Final Report Platino Gybe Accident; June 2016
Download PDF
60 Article - Harness & Tether Discussion by Tom Tursi
Download PDF
61 Article - Dinghy Management
Download PDF
62 Report - US Sailing Report on Inquiry into death of a crewmember during the 2022 Newport to Bermuda race.
Download PDF
63 Webinar Slides - Fire webinar slides conducted January 28, 2023
Download PDF

Shipping & Handling
Additional charge for postage and handling on all shipped orders. 

Personal Tutoring
Personal tutoring by telephone is offered at $100 per hour if instructors are available .
Publications Home Study Shipping


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