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~ A Cut Above ~




Jo-Ann Bice, who took a Docking Class with us in July 2020, sent the following comments:


The docking class was excellent. My only regret is that I didn't sign my husband up for this class at the same time. With clear communication between the helmsman and the captain of the deck being just as important as boat handling skill, it might be worth adding a comment in your course description about the benefits of having the boat captain and their usual first mate taking the course together. I really appreciated the opportunity for each participant to both conduct a maneuver and observe classmates conducting the same maneuver (good reinforcement).

Captain Frank Mummert was an excellent instructor. His explanations and instructions were clear and thorough. He was so calm and methodical! I was impressed that he appeared to adjust his teaching style to the needs and abilities of each of the four participants. As older adults, we were all suffering from information overload and his anecdotes really helped to put it all in context.

I am really impressed with your school and your curriculum as well as your instructors. I want my husband to continue his sailing education through you. Hopefully, we can coordinate courses next year. I will be recommending your courses to my sailing friends - in fact, I already have told them about your on-line navigation courses.

Jo-Ann Bice

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