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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this note from Becky Blanton who took an  ASA101 course with us in June 2016


What a beautiful, fantastic marina! The site and location were superb. The boat was roomy, warm or cool as needed, thanks to the heating and AC. And, the days on the water - although in driving rain and cold for two days, were still so packed with information and hands-on opportunities, I felt like I got the real sailing experience. The last two days were sunny and warm and perfect. I think we all got a true picture of what sailing is all about. Love, love, love it.

Robin is fantastic. If you can take a class with her - do so. She's patient, funny, knowledgeable and one of the most fun instructors of any topic I've ever had. She knows how to make sailing a fun learning experience. Can't say enough good stuff about her. Very casual, but very professional. I felt like a good friend took me by the hand and taught me to sail. I got a 99 out of 100 on the test, so I know she did her job. Excellent!

From Rita, to Frank to Robin, ALL the staff I encountered throughout my journey have been awesome. Rita patiently answered all my questions prior to the class, and then Frank and Robin did the rest. The boat was spotlessly clean, the berths comfortable. All my classmates reported sleeping the best they ever have every night. I think the opportunity to sleep on board the boat during the class is genius. It gave me the true experience of "living aboard." At the end of the day we all drove into town for dinner, although there was the option of cooking, but the staff just made everything welcoming.

The sole reason I picked your school was that you offered women only classes. Then I saw your slogan that said "Safe sailing, not shortcuts" or something like that. I want to learn to do something and do it right. I want safety, not shortcuts. I liked that a lot. Great time! I really, really, really had a good week. Robin was wonderful, and I enjoyed even the rainy, cold days. And I LOVE Gybing!!

Becky Blanton ~ ASA 101 Graduate June 2016=


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