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~ A Cut Above ~


Brian Bobiak took an ASA101 course with us in July 2013 and sent the following comments in his feedback form:


At the start of day one, I was anxious about my ability to successfully master the curriculum of the course. Don instills confidence in his students through his expertise and broad knowledge of sailing. He is firm but gentle and always clear. He eliminated any doubt in my mind that I would be successful. Safety was always his primary concern. He is a wealth of knowledge and I count myself fortunate to have learned with him as my instructor.

Without naming names, I can't imagine a better office staff. After my first night on board there was a minor mechanical issue that could have turned into a much bigger one, I sent an Email to the office at 7:00 am. Email came back almost immediately helping me to troubleshoot the issue. Parts were ordered and after instruction was done for the day, I participated in the repair. It was a bonus learning experience for me but the credit goes to the office staff for staying on top of the issue until it was fixed. From beginning to end, I never had a doubt that the office would be supportive and responsive, yet I was still impressed with the attention paid to the issue.

I'm not 100% sure about my first contact with the Maryland School since it was probably last September or October, 10 months ago. I believe I was searching for an Eastern Shore Maryland sailing school. My first introduction was to the MDS website. It wasn't "slick" but it was a bounty of information. I cannot say that after reviewing the website I had any questions in my mind about what they could do for me. There is a caring family & friends "feel" to the folks at MDS and I like that. 

Location to home was my first concern but I would not have chosen MDS if I thought it was a certificate mill. From my reading on their website I discovered that they had the expertise needed to train me to be a serious sailor. My eventual goal is to own a boat capable of Blue Water sailing. I need to have more than a piece of paper that claims I took a course. I want to have a rock solid expertise that MDS can give me. 

My eventual goal is to own a boat capable of Blue Water sailing. I want to be safe, efficient, capable, and most of all, prepared for anything. I feel that MDS can give me that though their courses

Brian Bobiak

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