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~ A Cut Above ~




Denny Byrne, who took our ASA 103 and 104 courses in the Virgin Islands in January 2019, sent the following comments:


Dear Captain Hoffmann,
Nancy and I would like to again express our appreciation for your expertise, patience, kindness and camaraderie on our recent cruise. We learned a lot! I will always set a preventer if sailing even 1 degree aft of beam reach. The trip helped me feel much more comfortable on a big boat and to feel like I can contribute and even skipper. I was soooo pleased to see you pique Nancy’s interest in sailing and am excited feeling that we will now sail as partners.
Even more than the sailing lessons, I want to acknowledge your skill as what we call a “facilitator”, that is more than a teacher that provides information and more than a coach that instructs and encourages. We both saw how you sought to understand everyone individually and to approach everyone differently. I felt that you set up individualized situations, with forethought of our skill level, where we could experience challenges and work our way through them in a safe manner. As I said, we are active in small group continuing dental education, which relates to this experience very much, so we feel we feel we have some knowledge in this area, and you did a masterful job! 
From the “pre-clinical interview” we did online before the cruise to the “claim your learning” we did after most days, we were very impressed with your understanding of adult education. We will use this experience as a model for our facilitation experiences in the future.

Thanks again for all your efforts. We hope you returned home safely and you have a good time of rest and reconnection with family and friends.
Jibe ho,



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