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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this letter from Ken Cardosa who took several of our online seminars in Spring of 2011 including, most recently: "Aids to Navigation- The US Buoyage System"


Rita / Tom,

I want to thank you both for another Excellent webinar. Before Saturday I was not very comfortable with my knowledge of our buoyage system and would never attempt to explain it to anyone else. 

On Sunday I went to the boat show at the "Cruisers University" in Baltimore. As my daughter and I walked around the exhibits, she called me over to a model that showed a waterway with buoys, beacons and other navigational aids. She asked me what all the "colored signs" meant. I proceeded to explain the difference between each type, what they meant and how we would use them if we were sailing by on a boat. This model was at a booth for a company that teaches Navigation. When I was done, the gentleman at the booth came up to us and said "Well said, I couldn't have explained it better myself". My daughter looked at me and said "Wow Dad, you sure know a lot about this stuff". Needless to say after 2 compliments like that I was beaming with pride.

I'm not only amazed at how much I learned in 2 hours but how much I retained and then my ability to explain it to others.  This is a true testament to Tom's teaching abilities and the quality of the courses at The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship. 

I look forward to taking the ASA101 Keelboat Sailing course in June and your Coastal Navigation Course in March.

Thanks again!

Ken Cardosa

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