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~ A Cut Above ~




John Cawley, who took our ASA103 course in September 2020, sent the following comments:


I feel that the class size of four students was perfect. No one got in the way and most of the time everyone had something to do. If there was a bigger class there would be a lot of down time waiting for your turn to actually do something. I came into this class not knowing what to expect other than I was going to learn. I was never on this size boat to learn before and did not know how working with three other students would work out. I feel that the captain, boat and student experience were all perfectly matched.

Captain Lohman was excellent, his teaching style was to the point, but with no stress or pressure. Every step was explained before we were to do it, there was never a doubt on what was expected. We had an engine breakdown while coming back to the dock, Captain Lohman was more upset that us students were missing out on training. My thought was this is on the job training; things break and we just saw what to do. The captain took a new crew and gave us the confidence to return to the dock under sail and make a perfect docking on the pump out dock.

The class arrived at the boat ready to learn and sail, the boat was set up to do just that. I was unable to stay aboard the boat to experience how life could be like on a boat, but that was a personal choice due to Covid, not a school issue. I liked the rigid schedule of leaving the boat as we found it, perfect and ready for the next crew.

I tried other schools for basic sailing training and I left unsatisfied. I searched for something better and found the Maryland School. The course descriptions were clear and seemed like this was the real deal. Also took an online electronic navigation course and that was the clear difference. The feeling I keep getting is that you are here to teach sailors to get better.

 John Cawley

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