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~ A Cut Above ~


Bonnie Dailey, who took a Mystic to Rock Hall Advanced Coastal Cruise (ASA106) in July 2010, sent the following comments:


Hi, Rita - 

First, I wanted to express my enormous thanks for an absolutely fabulous experience.  Our ASA 106 cruise/class was amazing.  Wonderful people, extreme sailing experiences, and a terrific week of learning.  Even Eric Petterson, our instructor, told us that our week included one of the best, and some of the worst, sailing experiences he's had (at least that he's had on that particular trip). 

In addition to huge kudos for the great experience and terrific crew, I wanted to mention to you (and Tom) that Eric was, once again, an excellent instructor.  Martha and I both enjoyed our Virgin Islands 103 & 104 classes, and so I decided to sign up with him again for 106 - and was even more impressed with him the second time around! 

I also wanted to tell you that we all (Jeremy, Peter and I) couldn't believe our luck in having John on board with us.  He is an absolute delight, in addition to being incredibly knowledgeable about all the rules, from his time with the Coast Guard and in the Merchant Marine.  We felt like we had two great instructors, instead of just one!  John will be a phenomenal addition to the school. 

Fair winds!

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