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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this email from David Dawson who took the Bermuda Cruise in 2007:

The cruise to Bermuda was excellent.  We had good
sailing wind (15-20+ kts) a lot of the time (especially on my 12-4 watch) and no bad weather;  the last day was truly spectacular--blue skies following the preceding cold front, cool temperatures, with Halimeda slicing through the waves with a perfect motion.  The watch schedule and related shipboard routines were the most useful aspect of the voyage for me--I was really made aware of the difference between daysailing or even short (24-36 hour) passages and longer cruising.  Captain Morton was an excellent guide, offering a good mix of formal and informal
instruction plus plenty of latitude for individual hands-on practice. He was especially patient and helpful as I began to practice with a sextant for the first time (and make lots of mistakes).  Jim was a teriffic first mate (this fellow has a very congenial shipboard personality--and he can fix anything!)  I also found my fellow crew members an interesting group, and I especially enjoyed sharing watches with Karl, whose sailing experience is similar to mine and
who also owns a salty cruising sailboat  and has aspirations for longer voyages.

Best regards,

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