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~ A Cut Above ~




Michelle Duval, who took the ASA105 Coastal Navigation Course online with us in January 2022, sent the following comments:


I thought the online platform worked great, and that all of the materials -- text, solutions manual, appendices, and DVDs -- were thorough, easily understood, and well-sequenced. I really can't imagine doing this in less than three full-day sessions, as Capt. Tursi's explanations and the dialogue/questions between him and the participants are an extremely valuable component of this structure. I love that we have the DVDs of the lectures and solutions, as well as the online videos (I have already watched several of these more than once and anticipate doing so again prior to taking the exam!). I have no problem with the class being completely online, and GoToWebinar is one of the platforms that has been used the longest for my professional activities. I do think activating the hand-raise feature might be helpful for students who do not have a camera on their device.

Captain Tursi is AMAZING!!! Endlessly patient, engaging, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. I am so appreciative of his willingness to work through stumbling blocks with students, and grateful that I have learned these foundational concepts and methods from him specifically.  Three cheers for Rita, who recommended this class in advance of the two ASA on-the-water classes we will be taking, and for all of her assistance in navigating the options (no pun intended)!

~ Michelle Duval


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