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~ A Cut Above ~



We received the following feedback from Tracey and Derek Eve who took an eight day ASA103-104 course with us in the USVI in February 2016


The Virgin Islands Combined ASA 103 & 104 was the most awesome class I have ever taken! I learned so much, and at the same time I had so much fun. The sailing was awesome, the captain was awesome, my crew mates were awesome, and the scenery was awesome (and, yes, I realize how often I am using this word!). Stand out experiences include the daily Hawksbill Turtle encounters, sailing at the helm & reaching 11 knots :), and watching two Humback Whales magnificently breaching. 

The breaching Humpback Whale experience is kind of funny (even more funny when Derek tells it in person :)  We were motor-sailing south of St. Thomas in high winds & 8 - 10 foot waves.  Derek was at the helm & the rest of us were down below with Jochen while he was going over some navigation with us.  Derek looks over Starboard & all of a sudden sees what appears to be waves crashing over rocks.  He mentally is freaking out because there's not supposed to be rocks there.  Then he realizes it's not rocks, but two breaching & blowing Humpback Whales. Derek starts shouting for everyone to come up on deck.  Derek, always calm & collected, never yells, so we all go scrambling up - and then we ALL got to see the whales.  We had quite a lengthy time viewing them, in the very high winds, and 8 - 10 foot waves - a most memorable experience :)

~ Tracy Eve, ASA 103/104 Graduate February 2016


After our initial contact at the Annapolis Boat Show, we did some research and found MD School had a reputation as a "sailor's school.  The ASA 103/104 trip in the Caribbean was the best sailing experience of my life. I learned a ton of material and took away sailing confidence to build on. I cannot say enough good things about the course and the instructor, and will certainly be taking additional classes in the future. Captain Hoffmann was awesome in his experience, skills and ability to teach his students.

~ Derek Eve, ASA 103/104 Graduate, February 2016=


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