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~ A Cut Above ~




Laura Fenske, who completed an ASA101 course with us, sent the following note:


I enjoyed everything about the area around the marina. At first I was worried that the class would be a bit too long, but I quickly realized that this school was much more for quality than quantity, and I appreciate that. I surprisingly enjoyed the size of the class, which was comprised of myself, my two parents, and one other person who was just as eager as we were to learn to sail.  I'm sure Captain Gifford's first thoughts when he heard that a 16 year-old girl was going to be attending the class went something along the lines of, "God help me". He was very patient with us all, even if we did goof something up. He made me feel especially welcome to the school and would always point out what we did best at on the boat. He is no doubt the best teacher I've had.  I received most of my preparation instructions from my father, which were all passed down from the wonderful staff. Any questions I had were answered. As my vacations usually revolve around a meal (and snack) schedule, I appreciated the restaurant recommendations. :) The boat was very clean.  Everything was perfect.  My father and I were on the hunt for a sailing school for a little while. He found this school, and when I heard that I got to live on the boat for a few days I was in. I liked getting to learn on a larger boat, as the 32' Island Packet is more like the size of any sailboat I would hope to have in the future compared to the 20' daysailer that all other schools offered.

Laura Fenske ~. ASA 101 Graduate June 2018=


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