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~ A Cut Above ~



Larry Freed, who took an ASA101 Basic Sailing Course in October 2013, sent the following note:


The only issue I had with the boat (which is beautiful, btw) is that the heater is extremely loud and I never got a good night's sleep (I guess I needed to bring the earplugs Rita suggested :). Other than that, it was awesome having the boat to myself for the entire class! Plus, this is clearly not the standard sized boat for a 101 course - it was a real treat to be able to learn on such a fine vessel. 

Capt. Gardner is very knowledgeable and patient. He answered every question in detail to be sure I really understood the answer (and never got frustrated when I asked the same questions multiple times). 

Rita was amazing in getting me into the course and making it happen. I don't think too many other schools would have done what Rita did to be sure I was able to take this class at this time. A HUGE Thank You for everything you did for me! 

Michelle had the boat looking great when I stepped aboard. Everything was clean, neat and orderly. 

I got the impression that this school meant business when it came to teaching people how to sail. The courses were longer in duration, the boat larger in size, and everything about your approach and philosophy led me to believe that this was the best sailing training available in this region 

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