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~ A Cut Above ~



Rebecca Gates, who took our ASA118 Docking Class in June 2019, sent the following note


This class is phenomenal - we're in an active marina, on a good-sized boat, with onlookers from the marina, and natural/normal stressors (wind, fatigue, heat, sun, threatening rain, anxiety, overall nerves, etc). The conditions are perfect to learn docking maneuvers!  Captain Frank Mummert is THE BEST! Even though I was nervous, I knew that I could do my absolute best on the water and when I needed correction, Captain Frank respectfully corrected my commands. He is always calm and handles the needs of multiple students exceptionally well.  I like that we're taught the physics of boat behavior.  Rita's so professional and thorough!  I've stayed on the boat each time I've taken this course. It's very clean and well maintained. It's a great boat to stay on and it's a fantastic boat to learn on.  This is the 2nd time that I've taken this course, I took it as a refresher. It was great to review a few things with Captain Frank. My teenage daughter joined me this time. I'm so happy Captain Frank was her first instructor. Because Captain Frank is such an awesome instructor, my daughter and I have talked about taking the sailing courses offered in the islands, as her high school graduation gift.   Also, before I took the docking course (in 2016, I think), the sailing instructor I had (from another school) would yell and insult my knowledge (or lack thereof). I'd read about "yelling" instructors - they seemed to be the majority. I ran into my old instructor after I took the docking course (with Capt Frank) the first time; he wanted to sail with me casually. I had the confidence to tell him no, that he would not be allowed to treat me so poorly. Captain Frank really is an amazing person and instructor! So grateful for you guys!

~ Rebecca Gates, Docking Graduate June 2019=

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