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~ A Cut Above ~



Jason Hale, who took our ASA101 Class in June 2019, sent the following note


 This course was definitely well worth the money and time. The class size was perfect. This course more than met my expectations and I am very much looking forward to remaining a student of The Maryland School.  Cpt. Frank Mummert was fantastic. He has a great personality. His knowledge of sailing was great. I appreciate that we did not spend any time sitting in a classroom but learned everything while actually doing it. He had a lot of patience with the entire group and was insistent on challenging us to take action. Everyone had an opportunity to execute all facets of the several different types of drills that we performed during the course. His expectations for us remained high throughout the course. I would recommend him to anyone. 

The staff was helpful from the time I registered for the course until the time we completed our exam. Prior to the course, we received a great package which included our text in addition to other helpful materials and manuals. It was a great way to welcome the students to the school. The staff was helpful and was accessible via phone or email throughout the entire process. Prior to the course, I met the head administrator and owner at the Annapolis Boat Show and we spent time discussing the school's philosophy and assisted me in preparing for and managing my expectations for the course.

The boat was in great shape. I was able to spend 100% of my time during the course on the boat, including sleeping and leisure time. The head, galley, and air conditioning were in working order and it was a very pleasant experience.  I cannot think of anything that they need to do improve on this course. I would have like to have a taste of sailing in rougher conditions, but obviously the folks at The Maryland School cannot control the weather. Also, I would have liked to have sailed in the larger sections of the Chesapeake, but do recognize that the course is tailored to beginners and that safety is a concern, especially for those who may not necessarily possess the skills to manage more aggressive weather conditions.

I spent about a year researching schools on-line and trying to match them to my ultimate goal which is to sail large boats. The Maryland School was a perfect fit and was well above my expectations. It is a great learning experience dollar for dollar in comparison to other schools in the region.  I'm very much looking forward to my next course at The Maryland School.

~ Jason Hale;  ASA 101 Graduate June 2019=

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