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~ A Cut Above ~




Richard Hamel, who took our ASA104 training cruise in June 2018, sent the following note


This class was amazing. First off the Captain Hoffman was legend. He saw everything and could give you pointers from the smallest details to broad concepts. The depth of his sailing knowledge is great. He provided such insight and was so approachable. He never made us feel bad or inferior and he would walk through everything in such detail and give so much knowledge. He would teach us in different methods but I especially liked the socratic methods during certain evolutions. He made you think and catered to us on overcoming weaknesses and building on our strengths.  I was lucky enough to have only one other student on the boat so it was like having a private lesson for 5 days. The three of us meshed in such a way that the class didn't seem like a class but a true voyage around the Chesapeake Bay. This was such a memorable experience. It was such a joy.

Captain Jochen Hoffmann surpassed all expectations I had. It was like drinking from a fire hose and I loved it. He knows when to pour it on and when to let us digest what he gave us. This class was like sailing with a 19th Century benevolent sea captain. The depth of his knowledge was a deep as the sea. There was no detail he missed and provided guidance and instruction with every movement.

I loved every minute of class, this was like chartering a boat amongst 3 friends and one was your grandfather with decades and decades of experience. It was challenging, fulfilling and surpassed all of my expectations. I can't thank Captain Hoffmann enough for what he taught me. The real meaning of seamanship and the skills that go behind it.

Richard Hamel


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