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~ A Cut Above ~




Bob Heubner, who took our two-day docking class July 2023, sent the following comments


The docking course was excellent for several reasons. First, the course manual and associated materials were succinct, well organized, and in plain language. The figures were super helpful. Second, the teaching approach of "learn-do-learn," while a bit stressful in the beginning, facilitated learning the docking skills. Finally, the learning atmosphere was fun and collaborative. I especially appreciated the positive vibe Captain Dave created that allowed participants to be open and honest about what went well and what needed improvement during each exercise.

Captain Dave Gifford was absolutely great. His breadth and depth of knowledge about docking and sailboats was very impressive. In addition, he was an excellent teacher and personalized feedback to each student. He was also kind enough to take time after the class was over to advise me on the unique docking situation at my marina.

Bob Heubner ~ Docking Class Graduate July 2023


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