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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this feedback from Bryan Howell who took our ASA101 class in October 2015


I could not be happier or more satisfied with the entire experience. Great pre-course communication from the school, materials provided in advance, clear instructions on what to expect and when, good info on local accommodations and offerings. Exceeded expectations.

Captain Mummert was perfect for our group, which had a pretty wide degree of sailing experience. He was able to "keep it simple" for those new to the game while not boring those with more experience, and was also able to provide some advanced information, techniques and skills for the more experienced members of our nicely sized 4 person class. His, and MSoS's, approach to teaching is to provide more than the basic ASA requirements, and that is really appreciated and valued. Captain Mummert was very friendly, helpful and it was a pleasure to spend 4 full days on the water with him.

I thought, and am still not totally convinced otherwise, that Rita Hanson, the GM of MSoS, WAS MSoS. She seems to do everything, and she does it very, very well. Helpful with scheduling, willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate students' needs, and an excellent addition when she hops aboard to add some additional expertise. She is a fantastic person to be the "face" of MSoS, and her personality reflects the personality of the school, friendly, helpful, professional, and committed to teaching sailing and enjoying it. Thanks Rita!

Wow, an IP32! One of my dream boats and I got to spend 4 days aboard one, sailing her and learning sailing skills. The boat was in fantastic condition, everything seaworthy and top notch. Having a dodger was appreciated for a late October class (brr).

If I drew up a sailing school this is pretty much what it would look like, and with the same type people. But there is only one Capt. Mummert, definitely one of a kind, in a very good way.  I had looked at several schools in the area, and spoke with several. MSoS was by far the friendliest and least "snobbish". It had an excellent reputation, and it uses IP32s for most of its classes. Doesn't really get much better than that.

Bryan Howell ~ ASA 101 Graduate October 2015=


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