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~ A Cut Above ~




Jeanine, who took our ASA118 Docking Course in April 2018, sent the following note:


The Docking Class covered exactly the skills I needed to learn and/or practice. The quality was there for rates charged. I was especially pleased that we were able to continue class while experiencing higher sustained winds and gusts. This course exceeded my expectations.  Captain Andy Barton was thoughtful, engaging, friendly, professional, and skilled. He was incredibly thorough. He was conscientious and diligent about ensuring each crew experienced every position throughout training. I would choose him as an instructor again and recommend him to others seeking quality instruction. While sailing with my group of friends on the Chesapeake Memorial weekend I learned that a friend of mine, who has decades of sailing experience, also recently took this docking course as a refresher and Andy was his instructor. He and I wholeheartedly agreed, the quality of content and instruction was there. It was an overall excellent experience from start to completion.  Rita was on it from day one with outstanding follow-through. She was friendly, professional and answered any questions I had in advance of the course. She was a pleasure to do business with.  The boat was well maintained, clean, and ready to use. No mechanical issues were experienced.  I chose the Maryland School because I wanted the best instruction available for docking and close quarters boat handling. I want to be able to undock and dock my bareboat charter cruising boats with confidence, whether on the Chesapeake Bay or elsewhere in the world.



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