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~ A Cut Above ~



Jeffrey, who took our two-day docking techniques course, sent the following comments


Everything about the docking course was perfect. Small class size guaranteed everyone a lot of direct hands-on experience. The location was great and the marina facilities were perfect. The materials were clear, concise and informative. It is a great value for the money and the amount of time left enough to discuss theory as well as a lot of practice. The boat was in great condition and perfect for the course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and had a great demeanor for teaching. Captain Robin Bauer was very thoughtful and covered all of the topics in enough detail that when we did the practical training, the concepts made perfect sense. She was calm and clear. She is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject and was very effective at conveying that to the students.

Overall, my expectations were greatly exceeded.   At every level of engagement, the staff at the school has been extremely helpful, responsive and supportive. Communication is always prompt and clear.  Boat was in perfect condition and clean. Everything was set as described on arrival and could not have been better.  Keep doing what you're doing!  I was extremely impressed with the course, instructor, staff and every other aspect of the Maryland School of Sailing. I've done several sailing courses at other schools, and this is far and away the best school I've seen. The level of professionalism in communication but also in the approach to sailing is very impressive. The student is clearly at the forefront of all of the thinking and the result is an incredible student experience. Thank you!

Jeffrey ~ Docking Course Graduate August 2019

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