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~ A Cut Above ~


Jeff Kelly, who took an Advanced Coastal Cruising course (ASA106) in the Virgin Islands in February, 2010, sent the following comments:


Dear fellow sailors, 

I just wanted to follow up with everyone since our ASA106 experience. My wife and I had a wonderful 8 days of sailing in the BVI's. Our friends, who had boated but never sailed, loved the 4 days they spent with my wife and I. We had some heavy rain at times, but they took it in stride. After they left, we focused on some of the attractions of the BVI's. We spent a whole day at the Bitter End Yacht Club - what a beautiful place.  We went back to Marina Cay to see Michael Bean's "Happy Arrr" show - what a treat! He has been a street singer for 33 years and started this 2 hour pirate themed show many years ago. Here's a link to his homepage: http://www.beansmusic.com/.  If any of you come back to the BVI's make sure you stop and see him. 

I also wanted to express my appreciation for having the opportunity to meet and sail with all of you. 8 days in close quarters with total strangers has a way of creating strong bonds of friendship. I certainly consider all of us as friends. I just hope we have an opportunity to get together again. I believe I can say that the students learned much from this course. Lee and Tom had so much to offer; I'm just sorry that I wasn't more of a sponge. In particular, I thought that having Tom on board was like having the Encyclopedia Britannica of sailing with us! 

I enjoyed our discussions particularly; they really added to the experience. It was great to learn that all of you, except Pete and me are accomplished musicians. We'll have to have a reunion and the 4 of you can jam together! 

I hope each of you has a wonderful year and many more opportunities to sail. 

Fair winds, 

Jeff Kelly


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