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~ A Cut Above ~



Tim and Judy LaChapelle, who took our ASA101 course in September, sent the following note



My wife and I researched sailing schools for a long time.  As future cruisers, we wanted a school that would teach us sailing and not simply provide an ASA sticker.  We felt the Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship was a good match.  We were anxious as our ASA101 class approached but, on the first day, Captain David Gifford quickly made us feel comfortable about our new undertaking.  His experience was evident during our class as he demonstrated calmness, patience and good humor as his students awkwardly practiced “sailing”.  He also exposed us to activities beyond the ASA101 requirements that are important for cruisers.  What’s more fun than pumping out the blackwater tank!  Captain Dave made us feel that our questions were welcomed and answered them completely.

The ability to live aboard the boat was a great experience for us and helped offset some of the class cost.  The marina pool was refreshing at the end of the day and the toilet and shower room was clean.

We are now looking forward to our ASA103 class with excitement rather than anxiety.    

Tim LaChapelle, ASA 101 Graduate August 2019

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