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~ A Cut Above ~


Marc and Eric Lombardini, who took an ASA103-104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising course, sent the following comments:


Dear Rita, 

Eric and I would like you to know how much we enjoyed our sailing courses with the Maryland School of Sailing. 

From the detailed pre-arrival instructions and recommendations, the well thought-out study materials, the impeccably maintained marina, the comfortable and up to date vessel, but most of all, our gracious and knowledgeable captain, we could not have asked for more thoughtful and well managed program. Congratulations. 

We both have taken sailing courses in the past, but this is the first time we have found such attention to quality and details. 

Months before we even really truly gave much thought to what the classes would entail, we had all the information we needed in our hand, so we would not have to rush at the last minute to prepare for the exams, acquire any safety equipment we might need (hopefully on sale), or even fabricate it ourselves. Then, as we approached our arrival date, helpful reminders from the School and the captain. Well done. – 100/100 

It is true that on Acadame we only found one table knife matching the remainder of the attractive cutlery and tableware, and we had to make a slight improvement to the galley with the addition of a small cutting board, but everything else on this great sailboat was in tip top shape: unblemished hull; like knew interior; good sails; good instrumentation (the knot meter did not function, but do they ever work at the end of a season, with barnacles deciding that small paddle wheels make a lovely home?); engine starting after just one crank; and no unpleasant odors from bilge, galley or head. 98/100. 

You should also be commended on the choice of marina: lovely grounds; impeccable toilet and showering facilities; perfectly maintained docks. -100/100 

But, more than anything, Steve’s calm and supportive demeanor, his willingness to repeatedly review and explain all aspects of the course, the thoughtful way he rotated responsibilities, while participating fully in even the most menial aspects of the boat’s operation, gave us both confidence and pleasure. A true leader, able to make a task seem not just easy but also very enjoyable, and we are not just talking of the gin and tonic libation or the games of “pig” at anchor. Wonderful captain. – 110/100 

Thank you.
Marc and Eric Lombardini

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