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~ A Cut Above ~




Walt McDaniel, who took an ASA118 Docking Class with us in August 2014, sent the following note:


I thought Don was a great instructor and the class material was great. This is what I have been looking for in a docking class. I took a "custom" class two years ago, and asked them to spend a significant amount of time on docking and I did not get this much information. I'll be recommending this class to anyone that wants to learn more about docking. I'll be back to take another course from Maryland Sailing School, although it might not be next year there will definitely be one in the future. 

I'm seriously considering having my wife and son take this same class if Don is the instructor. Don is very calm and cool when teaching creating a relaxed atmosphere for learning. I want my wife and son to have this docking knowledge. 

I learned about the Maryland School of Sailing through both the web and taking the ASA105 course. TheASA 105 course book had information about Maryland School of Sailing, and I also ordered the DVDs so I got to see Tom's relax teaching style. Then through internet searches I started turning up the various YouTube videos for the Maryland School and started watching them. 

I figured if I wanted to take the ASA 118 why not take it from those that wrote the book. Plus I want to some day take the ASA106 Delmarva Circumnavigation, and the Maryland School ocean passage classes, so I thought I'd check you out through the ASA118 class and it worked.



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