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~ A Cut Above ~




Erika McEntarfer, who took an ASA118 Docking class in August 2014, sent the following notes: 


Best money ever spent. I just finished practicing the skills I learned in the 2-day docking course on my own boat in my slip. I can't believe the difference from a few weeks ago! No more sweaty palms as I try to decide which lines to untie in which sequence when departing. I backed into my own slip for the first time this weekend. I think it would have taken me years to figure out on my own what Don taught me in two days. (I watched the entire Docking YouTube video last year, but it's no substitute for the course!) I've even warped in and out of my slip - it's amazing how much more relaxed and confident I am now. I've recommended your course so many times in my marina in the last couple of weeks.

Don was amazing. I don't know how he manages to be so calm when the wind is gusting at 25 knots and there's a completely nervous person at the throttle in the wrong gear, but I was hugely impressed. Not only did he really know how to teach docking, I also hope I picked up his ability to stay calm at the wheel. My wife was super impressed when the wind pinned us against a piling when backing in, I calmly asked her to lead a warp to me at the stern cleat and backed the boat in on the warp while asking her to get the spring line on the other side. What a contrast to our many tense exchanges when docking went awry in the past!


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