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~ A Cut Above ~



Mick Meckler, who took a two day ASA118 Docking Class with us in August 2014, sent the following note after the class:



I do want to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I learned some very simple, small, things which will prove to be extremely valuable and comforting the next time I find myself in a docking situation - oh, wait, that will be tomorrow!  Truly, this class packed years of experience into two short days not only learning, but meeting new people, and having a great time. I was concerned about the number of people in the class but it turned out to be a very nice balance between watching others experience and practice and trying myself. I had plenty of time to provide my fellow classmates with 'teachable moments'.  

Don was an excellent instructor. Speaking and providing guidance at the right time and yet allowing us all to create those moments which we all will find ourselves in at some time. There was never a time any of us felt threatened or embarrassed of making mistakes. In fact, the more mistakes - oops, 'teachable moments' - we made, the better for all of us. Don's demeanor and confidence helped make this very worthwhile. I took a docking  class before (not for ASA credit though) and I honestly don't see any similarities between them. This class has given me so many small hints, tricks, resulting in additional confidence. Having it as a 2 day class is extremely helpful. We were able to really get practice in on the first day, let it sink in over night, and then try again the next day.  

Bottom line - it was great. I will certainly be recommending it to my fellow sailors - like Rocky and Jarred Smith - who convinced me to sign up for the 108 class.   

As I was taking the class I was thinking back on all of the 'experienced' skippers I was sailing with. Docking was always challenging - even though most of the time we had 6 or so experienced sailors aboard. Now I wonder how much those guys really knew. I can't wait to try out these tips over the weekend - or hopefully some day with my own boat.   

I know Sue and I both said at the end of the day - WOW, that was certainly worth $500....  

I hope I get to see Rocky and Jared on the 108 class. I sent them an email highly recommending the docking class. If not this year, maybe at the start of next year.  

This is one class that every sailor should take - beginner, mid level, or experienced - for learning or refresher. It is insurance to guarantee that your sailing adventure will start off easy and end confidently.   

Regards - on my way back to Rock Hall in 30 minutes...

Regards to All,



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