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~ A Cut Above ~




Mick Meckler, who took an ASA108 Ocean Training Cruise from Florida to Bermuda aboard S/V MONTAUK LIGHT, sent the following comments:


The ocean training cruise was a super class. An excellent mix of show and do. We reviewed the boat in detail and then discussed the many different sailing options, storm challenges, and methods for MOB and abandon ship. Then we sailed a great 8 days experiencing good wind, great wind, no wind, and wind from the wrong direction. We reefed the main, motor sailed, and flew to our destination. Taking sun shots in the morning and afternoon and comparing running fixes. Cooking meals, maintaining the boat, and cleaning the cabin were all activities we learned about and then actually did. There was never a dull moment.   

Here's a selection of photos.

Tom Tursi is a great instructor who would provide thought provoking questions. It wasn't enough to just do something - we needed to know why and what other options we had. Very helpful in learning the blue water sailing methods. 

The school has an excellent staff who was always there to share previous experiences and give me ideas about what to bring, what to expect, and what not to expect. There never were any surprises. I was well prepared for what we did. 

S/V MONTAUK LIGHT is a wonderful sailing vessel. Shall she have many more years! 

It was a true joy to take classes with Maryland School. I wish I had taken all of the ASA classes with them as they have always proven to be more thorough, detail focused, and driven to ensure that all sailing knowledge items were truly learned - not just checked off. 

~ Mick Meckler

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