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~ A Cut Above ~




Marco Michelson, who took our online celestial navigation course in 2020, sent the following comments:


I attended the ASA 107 On-line course as a refresher and found, as I did during the original course, that this was extremely valuable in reinforcing key concepts that I had previously learned and giving me new insights into the material through the discussion of the sample problems and homework. Will likely do another refresher next year - more than satisfied, an excellent course!

I've really enjoyed Tom's teaching style; he has been able to effectively bring his experiences and knowledge to bear in a manner that truly fosters an understanding or the subject matter. I can't emphasize enough how much I respect the refreshing emphasis on the fundamentals and the approach of teaching to the concepts and material rather that teaching to a test. Tom does a superb job.  Kudos out to Rita, who consistently keeps things organized and moving without much set/drift...more than satisfied - superb support.

The fact that you've collectively been able to develop and provide the uninitiated with such a comprehensive summary of a complex subject that is administered over such a short period of time is truly phenomenal. I'm sure you are aware that this subject matter is more typically subsumed within (at least) a semester's length of coursework for students attending maritime colleges/universities. Having said the foregoing, and perhaps because of all of our usual day-to-day distractions, the one suggestion I might offer would be to afford the students of this course with a little more time with Tom by extending the course to one additional weekend.

Perhaps the specific element that initially attracted me to your school and keeps me coming back is your tagline ("A Serious School for Serious Sailors"), which you have made apparent in your offerings that you have truly embraced.

 Thank you for this.

Marco Michelson

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