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~ A Cut Above ~


We received this letter from Dr. Ann Miller who with her spouse Rick took our ASA 101 Class in July 2006:

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you at the Maryland School.  My husband Rick and our friends Mike and Pete and I had the most wonderful time aboard Moxie earlier this month.  We took the ASA 101 class, July 6-9.  Joe was our instructor, and we applaud you long and loud for having such a great guy on your team.  I can’t tell you how impressed we all were with everything.  From the moment we arrived at the marina, we had huge smiles on our faces, and they are STILL there today!  Every single thing, from the condition of the boat to the amenities of the marina, to the weather itself were perfect.  Okay, we know we just got lucky with the beautiful weather, but the rest of it is very much to your credit. 

We especially want Joe to know how much it meant to us to have someone teaching us who understood not only the boat, but how to manage the people aboard.  The three men who took this class with me are firemen in the same unit, and they all know me quite well, as we often do things together.  Joe understood this very quickly, and I appreciate the fact that Joe did not treat me any differently just because I was the only woman aboard.  I have become used to being “one of the guys”, but this especially helped me to reach my own very specific sailing goals.  I may not always have three strong firemen aboard with me, and Joe made darn sure I was able to do every single thing they can, and that meant a lot to me.   

We wish you a very pleasant summer, and we will be looking seriously at continuing our formal training and certification courses with you.  As time and tide and fortunes permit, you will be hearing from me again.  Hopefully, very soon!

Please give Joe a special warm hello from the Durham  Fire Department!

  ~Dr. Ann Miller

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