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~ A Cut Above ~



Jeff Morgan, who took an ASA101 course with us in September 2013, sent the following comments after the class:


I think Jim Gardner is an excellent instructor, knows how to teach and when to let us learn and make a few mistakes, and he is a very patient person. Regarding our team for this class, we have really good chemistry and it added a lot to having fun while learning. It is not possible to plan ahead for matching personality types, but that is what makes it all click. 

Class met my expectations as a power boater :). I learned a lot, enjoyed the challenge of learning the sailing language. Organization of class, each days instruction was matched to our needs. I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

Jim is an excellent instructor, I am glad his journeys have taken him to Maryland School of Sailing. Jim's knowledge base went well beyond sailing and gave us the opportunity to see him in total, even the engineer in him. 

Michelle did an outstanding job taking care of us even though we didn't always see her; she usually had been there, and she has a great personality. 

I would probably remove the plastic box on the stern of the boat, not a good location, and I had the opportunity to witness it being crunched several on the docking class. 

I think your materials, letters to students, accommodations, and instruction are tuned very well.

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