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~ A Cut Above ~


Joe Pazoureck, who did the 1500 mile ocean training cruise with us from St Thomas to Norfolk in May 2013, sent the following note:



I just wanted to tell you and all the folks at the School that I have just had one of the best times of my life sailing with Captain Jochen and First Mate Steve. 

Beginning with the day of arrival, it was fun, educational and busy and continued until the day of arrival in Norfolk. Captain Jochen was professional in all aspects of the sail and his instruction coupled with practical exercise was second to none. In addition to his Captain duties, he was personable and friendly, kind and considerate and had the patience of Job. He is a friend as well as a mentor. I can’t say enough about him. 

Captain Steve is another positive asset to the school’s staff. His work with each of the students in a one on one environment as well as in a group setting is excellent. He gave us a weather class that was exceptionally easy to understand and put to use. I learned more from him about sail trim in the days at sea than I had in 5 years of sailing. 

This was by far an experience that was fun and educational whether or not you plan to cruise or just do coastal sailing. I would encourage anyone interested in sailing to please consider the Maryland School of Sailing and their professional staff. It is definitely “ A Serious School for Serious Sailors” 

Joe Pazoureck
Lawton, OK

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