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~ A Cut Above ~




Chris Poirier, who took a combined ASA103 and 104 Sailing Course in June 2017, sent the following comment


The Island Packet 32 was an excellent training platform for me given my experience with smaller boats.  Captain Frank Mummert remained calm and used every opportunity as a teaching moment. He also balanced proper instruction with keeping the atmosphere light and relaxed. This helps students feel free to make mistakes, reduces pressure, and facilitates faster learning. Captain Mummert was simple excellent. Communication, organization, and logistics with the office staff went very smoothly. For me it felt like I was interacting with another detailed engineer like myself.

The Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship is a fine school. I was exposed to more intensive instruction and nuances than usual. For ASA in general, I might recommend more discussion of electronics as well as logistics of cruising (obtaining slips, mooring balls, marina services, etc). That said, Maryland School provided much more experience and exposure in this regard and I'm sure ASA106 and 108 will touch on electronics more. I found the excellent Maryland School video's on YOUTUBE impressed upon me they are a serious school and committed to raising the level of education among sailors.  As I've said, a fine school. I appreciate your dedication.

Chris Poirier ~ ASA 103 and 104 Graduate June 2017=


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