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~ A Cut Above ~




Jim Pournaras, who took our ASA118 Docking Class in  May 2018, sent the following note:


This is a complete and thorough course, well worth the cost. The manual is well written by Capt Tursi, and should be well studied before attending. Very satisfied with the manual, but it is important to get the manual well before attending.  As a registered nurse (BSN/RN) I have taken many professional courses and seminars over the years. It would be safe to say that Captain Mummert is one of the best instructors I have experienced in my lifetime.

He has excellent knowledge and a lifelong experience in his subject. He is a sailboat owner and uses his own techniques in his own life. Most importantly he understands the dynamics and needs of students who in most cases are intimidated and lack confidence in experiencing boat handling and docking of a large and heavy boat (Island Packet).

Surely docking and boat handling is basic and challenging. Capt Mummert did an excellent job of effectively presenting the subject, giving examples, and followed by on the water experience. All students need positive and legitimate reinforcement leading to personal confidence and demonstrable skills.  Captain Mummert has both the personality, skills and knowledge to achieve this with his students. All of us aboard the "Scholarship" agreed that this man was a terrific instructor for this course. I could imagine no better and returned home with the confidence and knowledge I'd hoped for. 

The "Scholarship", an Island Packet was perfect for us, a sailing couple, especially since our boat - a Bristol 32 - is also a modified full keel with keel attached rudder has many of the same handling characteristics. This was perfect for us, and unattainable elsewhere.

A big thanks to the Captain and to the Maryland school for this great course which I truly enjoyed. 

Jim Pournaras


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