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~ A Cut Above ~


Kimberly Riddle, who took an ASA101 Basic Sailing Course woth Captain Frank McKee in June 2011, sent the following comments:


Learning from and meeting Captain Frank McKee has been a life changing experience. He is brilliant, interesting, wise and so much fun to be around! Captain McKee's adroitness in teaching and ability to explain and demonstrate the whys as well as the hows of sailing - with emphasis on anticipation and preparation goes beyond competency standards for both sailing knowledge and on-the-water skills. He achieves the perfect balance between transferring his adept sailing skills and engaging all students in a truly cooperative effort to share in a unique camaraderie. Captain McKee's passion, dedication and ability to express thoughts in a calm, concise and meaningful way is excellent verification of the power that lies in cooperation, communication, confidence, and leadership for the effective and efficient execution of a sailing challenge. This is only the beginning of my sailing adventures, and I couldn't have had a better Instructor. It would be an honor to sail anywhere with him. 

What an experience.....so much more than I EVER thought.  Yes, please DO use my comments....Your school and Captain McKee deserve ALL and MORE kudos than I have seen online. I will be scheduling the groupon trip (birthday gift for my son and his wife - something cool and different)....we just have to coordinate her schedule as she is ICU at Hopkins....

I have been bailing myself out of email since returning to the office....I will go online to your website to find advanced courses that I can take.  I DO want VERY much to go to the Caribbean for 103/104 and also would love to do an ocean passage - Rock Hall to the Caribbean. :-)

I cannot say thank you, enough...you ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!!

Best regards,
Kimberly Drapeau Riddle


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