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~ A Cut Above ~


We received this from Captain Roger who took our online Storm Tactic webinar on February 12, 2011:

 To Lee, Tom and Rita
I really enjoyed the Storm Tactics and Preparing for Heavy Weather webinar.  Great job and very informative and helpful.  In my ASA sailing classes - the ASA 103 where we cover Heaving To I have always used the traditional "Text Book" information.  But, after attending your seminar I am now armed with much more information to pass on to my students. But, even more important I myself feel better prepared to handle heavy weather should I encounter such an event when I'm out sailing the big water. 
I appreciate you passing on the information from Larry and Lin Pardey.  When you mentioned their name I remembered I had some of their DVD's in my library which I had recently purchased. So I made it a point to view the one he had made on Storm Tactics - Cape Horn Tested. Great information.
I think Maryland School has broken ground here on being probably the FIRST, and if not the ONLY ASA school offering seminars via the WEB.  I love technology, and I can see that it is a great way to go. I think you had well over 60 people attending, no travel cost, just sit back at home and watch, listen and learn.  And having the ability to ask questions made it even better.  The seminar was advertised as 2 hours, but I think it ran for 3.5 hours - just to let you know I had no problem with that, because it gave everyone a chance to ask questions.
Rita, great job in managing the behind the scenes operations. 
I truly look forward to future Maryland School Webinar's.
Capt Roger
North Star Sailing
Biloxi, MS

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