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~ A Cut Above ~




David Ross, who took our two-day Docking Course in  June 2021, sent the following note:


The docking class was MUCH more hands on than expected. I feared we would simply be executing commands issued by the instructor. Contrarily, the instructor was very hands off to let us learn. This is rare in my experience.

Frank was the instructor I never expected to get. He showed no bias, was pragmatic to the point of using Left/Right vs Port/Starboard, he let the students problem solve when the boat didn't do what we wanted and only took the boat when it was a safety issue. His voice is commanding and clear without being intimidating. No one was falling asleep in that classroom.  In short, Frank is a professional who knows how to keep things professional.

Somehow, the quality of your course when compared to other schools needs to be conveyed. My wife took a docking course with another local school and the experience was night and day to mine. I can only speak to the docking class but it is head and shoulders over this other school but there was no way for us to know the quality difference beforehand.  Early in the year I was emailing various local schools about docking classes for my wife and must have sent you an email. We chose another school simply because they were in our marina.  Later in the year, you emailed me about a last minute docking class opening in four days and I said 'what the hell' and signed myself up. I had no idea how little I knew about maneuvering a boat. This was my best impulse decision in the last five years.

David Ross


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