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~ A Cut Above ~


We received this letter from Dave & Jamie Stadler who took our Coastal Nav course in March 2008:


If people learned to fly airplanes like most people learn to sail, we would have a lot fewer living pilots!  I am amazed at the fact that if you can just afford the boat, there is nothing to stop you from sailing around the world.  My wife and I place a high value on getting education first and being safe sailors.   

We discovered Tom Tursi on an ASA Navigation DVD that we bought to learn a bit about navigation on our own. His teaching style clicked with us, so we signed up for 103/104 in the Caribbean through the Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship.  Our instructor there was Joe Kliment who, like Tom, had a lot of experience, but matched with a desire to teach us. 

We have consistently been impressed by the professionalism of the school.  The office does a great job handling the registration, payment, course materials, classroom aids and generally making sure that you show up prepared and know what to expect.   The courses are logically organized and delivered by instructors who combine substantial ocean experience with the ability to teach.  As we know, in any field not many people can both “do” and “teach”. 

The thing we really like about Maryland School is that the emphasis is on teaching the material for understanding and application – all to keeping you safe. This past weekend we finished 105 Coastal Navigation. As far as I know, the ASA does not mandate a certain number of hours for a course and some schools even combine it with 106. In addition to the 32 classroom hours, we spent an equal amount of time in home study just to meet the high standards set by Tom. But we got the impression that the tests are secondary to Tom.  His main concern was that we knew the material and how to apply it. Plus I suspect there are very few people around who could even teach 105 like the guy that wrote the book!  

We are definitely satisfied customers! 

Dave and Jamie Stadler


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