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~ A Cut Above ~




Brandt Tingen, who took our ASA101 Sailing Class in June 2018, sent the following notes:


Captain Mummert taught us a ton in a short time in a way that it stuck, and was able to answer all of our questions. We all appreciated how we would drill multiple times through each exercise in each of the different roles to cement the concepts. He was able to teach us a lot and still keep the tone of the course to where we could have a good time and kept the course from being unnecessarily stressful by teaching us the wiser / safer way to do things. Now that I am going out and crewing on daysails, I see a lot of what not to do, and in hindsight realize why it's so important to have a great instructor and learn the basics from the outset.  I enjoyed the Saloon lectures, Q&A's, and reviews - they helped to cement the book learning and the on the water concepts.  

Rita has been very helpful and friendly while assisting me with questions I had about the school, the classes, the instructors, etc.  The boat was very clean and well maintained. I did not know what to expect but I was very happy that the boat was in such good shape, it was a joy to stay there, and the Marina was a very peaceful and quite location as well.  I like that you offer the live-aboard format as I wanted to see if I would like living aboard, and I like that you teach on a cruising yacht, as my goal is to cruise and enjoy all that has to offer. 

I took an intro to sailing class aboard the ASA boat (I believe a Benetau 22?) and I can't imagine learning everything we did on that boat in 2 days. I also like that you intentionally expanded the class into 4 days.  I am approaching sailing in a serious manner as I intend to eventually be qualified to take out friends & family on sailing charters, so I thought the extended format of the class was superior to what else was available. Tom's videos also cemented for me that this was a very thoughtful place to learn and that the instructors and management must really care to put so much time and effort into creating instructional material.

Brandt Tingen


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