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~ A Cut Above ~


Tom Veltry, who took an ASA104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising course in July 2011, sent the following comments: 


Hi Rita,

It took awhile but I've finally gotten around to writing this note. This course seemed more than I could handle at first so I procrastinated for some time.  It turned out to be a very good decision and I have to thank you for encouraging me to do it.

Capt. Eric was all you said and more. His knowledge, patience and calm demeanor helped me to learn all the lessons I needed to pass easily. Capt. Eric and my fellow crewmates made it a very pleasurable experience and gave me the confidence to get out on the water and use the knowledge I've gained. 
We stayed on board the night before the course which gave us a chance to check the boat out and get familiar with the boat systems and for someone with limited boat experience this was a very big plus.

With the Maryland School of Sailing you get a five day ASA 104 course which was a definite selling point with me. This gave me plenty of time to use the things I was learning before taking the test. I give the school and Capt. Eric an A+ and would definitely consider other courses with them.

Thank you,
Tom Veltry 

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