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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this letter from Jim Walker who completed a Norfolk to Bermuda Offshore Training Cruise with us in 2003:

May 7, 2004

Mr. Tom Tursi
Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship 
21035 Spring Cove Road 
Rock Hall, Maryland

Dear Tom:

It has been a year since I took your Offshore Sailing class and I have just returned from my second offshore sailing experience as part of a delivery crew taking a boat from the Caribbean to New England. It was a very enjoyable trip but I am glad that I took your offshore sailing course first. On this trip I learned the efficiencies of taking a cruising boat "as is" and moving it as quickly as possible. On my trip with you we took Halimeda, equipped as a "teaching" boat, and learned how to deal with the offshore experience.

In your course standards for safety and the safety devices were discussed and demonstrated. On a delivery, it is assumed you already know these standards. Last year we discussed navigation, boat management, log keeping, weather and the other items that were part of the assumed knowledge base on the delivery trip. Each voyage had its purpose and merits. But, in my opinion, nothing can substitute for a well planned learning experience as your first experience offshore.

I highly recommend the Offshore Sailing Course for those who want to go offshore on their own or as part of a crew.

Jim Walker

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