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~ A Cut Above ~



Robert Ward, who took our ASA101, 103, 104, and 118 Docking courses in 2019, sent the following commentary


 I took course 101 with three other individuals. All of had little experience sailing a boat of 32 feet. Captain Bauer from Day 1 made everyone comfortable with all the workings and functions of this size boat. Captain Bauer, in our 4 days of sailing, imparted all the things we needed to know regarding how to safely operate all the workings from winches to lines and how they functioned. We also were taught safety regulations, sail handling, navigation, anchoring, etc. All things necessary to continue with our sailing education.   Captain Bauer has enviously been to many corners of the world and is an excellent sailor. Her manners of instruction made us feel comfortable which made processing all the new information easier.  This was the first time most of this class experienced living aboard a "full" boat. Captain Bauer introduced us to both the etiquette of living together as well as the operations of the engine, galley, head, navigation equipment, and radio. I certainly felt much more comfortable with operating the equipment necessary to function on this size boat. I was impressed with the living space provided in this 32 foot boat. It never became cramped, cluttered, or uncleanly.

All the Staff made everyone feel welcome. The learning progression developed by The Maryland School definitely concentrated on knowing and doing the fundamentals well before so as to easily build on them later. Many "kudo's" to Captain Bauer in this regard but also to Rita Hanson, Capt'n Tom Tursi, and Capt'n Frank Mummert for developing this learning pathway to sailing.

After my research of various schools into the progression and logic behind teaching sailing, I felt The Maryland School would be serious in teaching me the things I needed to know to begin a new adventure.  I felt so comfortable in my choice of the Maryland School that I flew round-trip from Denver to participate and learn.  I will continue to learn at the Maryland School because of how much fun it was, but also how because I know they are "serious" about the skills I need and know and how to teach them.  I have been thru several good universities and I know when I am being taught well. This is the reason I picked The Maryland School. They know what the beginning sailor needs and they know how to teach it well.

I was very happy with the content of this course and how much I learned from Captain Bauer and the Staff at The Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship. I look forward to more learning at this school.

Robert Ward ~ ASA 101, 103, 104 Graduate 2019=

PS- Every parameter set out in the 103 course description was met to an extremely high level. Personally I feel very comfortable with the handling of a 32 foot sailboat after my 4 days of onboard instruction with Captain Mummert. The practical application of skills required from USCG Rules of the Road to anchoring and weather predictions was expertly conveyed. I felt extremely comfortable after this course to immediately begin course 104.  Captain Mummert was without exception the most subject knowledgeable and competent Instructor I have ever had in my entire career (medical education included). Passing along one's expertise and skills of a chosen endeavor is hard to accomplish successfully. Captain Mummert made this sailing experience worth every penny. Because of him directly I now feel much more capable in the handling of a larger sailboat.

I have researched other sailing schools and was extremely impressed with the course content developed by Tom Tursi and Rita Hanson as well as the competency of the Instructor's on Staff. The learning experience I received was invaluable in my sailing education.

I was so impressed with the Island Packet we learned on I spent an extra day exploring the possibility of purchasing one for myself. The IP -while only 32 feet- was roomy enough for 4 people to live a board with ease. It was well kept, clean, and comfortable.

I chose the Maryland School because I felt it was the Best. Had I not I would not have traveled all the way from Denver to participate. I felt very lucky in my choice. Everything that I was told would be taught was taught. I feel much better about venturing out in a larger sailboat after the experience I gained from the Maryland School.

This docking course was designed to be somewhat more thorough than other docking classes I investigated in that it was a full 2 days in length. Being new to the handling of a boat over 25' in length the extra day allowed me to process and practice the techniques necessary to depart and return to a Marina slip in a safe and appropriate manner.  Captain Mummert's expertise in this endeavor was extremely valuable in relating the techniques so crucial to docking in changing winds, current and Marina slip variations. Again, the extra day allowed me the time to decipher the theory relayed and actually put into practice that technique.  Personally, the experience was everything and the 2nd day was essential to judgement and performance of the skills taught. Even the addition of a 3rd day would, to me, be a great experience.

I chose the Maryland School because the course content and methodology of instruction was heads above other venues I researched. For me, that was so important it prompted me to fly some 1700 miles from Denver to participate.   I fell in love with the Island Packet I was trained on because of its spaciousness, cleanliness, and seamanship state. I learned the meaning of "shipshape" just by being on board.    I was pleasantly surprised, since I missed my original class due to a flight cancellation, how efficiently and effortless Ms. Hanson accommodated my re-enrollment for this class. I was very satisfied.  A memorable experience I received while attending this class was to meet Captain Tursi in person and shake his hand. His abilities, philosophy, and methodology - as is all the Staff and Captain's at MSS - are a huge benefit and compliment to ASA curriculum and instruction.  I am completely satisfied and happy with my learning experience.  I intend to pursue as much "Sailing Instruction and Seamanship" as I can from the Maryland School.


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