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~ A Cut Above ~


Theo Wolfensberger, who took and ASA105 Coastal Navigation course and an ASA107 Celestial Navigation course online with us, sent the following note;


Dear Maryland School,

The Webinar form is not only convenient, it is especially suited for a navigational course. Needless to say that it made it possible to participate without traveling. I appreciated the fact that the three sessions were not close together with a free week-end between each of them.

Captain Tursi is an intuitive teacher. It is easy to follow his course and he goes out of his way to answer questions during class and by e-mail between classes. Add to this that he he has put together his own [celestial navigation] course material, material that deserves to be published and hopefully will be made available some day through bookstores and libraries.

From the first contact and through the courses, this is my third one, the back office is extremely supportive, communicates clearly the objectives of the courses and makes certain that the student knows about the prerequisites and the material to follow a course. An extremely professional team.

Theo Wolfensberger ~ ASA 107 OnLine Graduate 

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